A little village (circa 1000 inhabitants), about 120Km southwest of Stockholm, 15Km from Flen, 40Km from Katrineholm and 32Km from Eskilstuna. This village has been the hub of Sörmland’s foundry history since the 1600's (The foundry was founded 1659).
Nowadays the foundry area is a cultural and shopping centre. Take a whirl around the foundry area, buy clothes at Lager 157, or cheese from Jurss Mejeri, have a picnic at one of the planned picnic areas by the lake, or why not invest in some artwork from our renowned artists. If you are hungry there's a small restaurant at Lager 157 or visit our local pizzeria.
  The foundry from the beginning was producing cannons to both the Swedish and foreign markets.
  In the beginning of the 1900’s production went civil and they started making pots and pans and even radiators and stoves. Between 1920’s and the end of the 80’s production went over to piping and other plumbing material as well as electric cooker plates to Electrolux cookers.
  At its height, the foundry had over 1000 employees plus a few hundred sub suppliers to the foundry. Then, the village had an inn (Värdshuset), Post office, bank and 3 food shops! When I moved to Hälleforsnäs in 1988 there was both an ICA and a Konsum (Co-op) and there was still a bank and post office, alas the bank and post office is now incorporated in the local Co-op shop.
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